Il comune denominatore delle nostra attività è la progettazione e realizzazione di impiantistica industriale.

The historical division Chemtech Engineering for more than 30 years has been successfully operating in the field of the electro-chemical industry worldwide, in the market segment related to the production through electrolysis of raw materials such as chlorine / soda and their derivatives.

Chemtech Engineering

The Chemtech Solar business branch was inaugurated in 2010 to deal with renewable energy. Over the years we have specialized in particular in the development and construction of large photovoltaic systems.


Chemtech Solar



"Innovative solutions
for the chemical industry"

Since the early nineties we have been operating in various sectors of the chemical industry, both in the field of design and construction of plants, and in the construction of equipment, piping systems, special pieces and other components, with the use of various plastic materials. guy.
Over the years we have specialized in particular in a market niche aimed at the electrochemical production of chlorine and its derivatives. In this specific sector we have patented numerous innovative solutions using DCPD-based thermosetting Telene resins.
More than 50 leading industries in the chemical sector served in the world and over 80 tons of Telene processed every year with exclusive processes, represent the best synthesis of our activity today.




"Your EPC of choice"

One of the keys to our success is certainly that of having forged some important commercial partnerships over the years with world leaders in the renewable energy sector, such as Risen Energy and Huawei.
This has allowed us to acquire a 360-degree experience in the construction and management of large photovoltaic fields and to be able to offer ourselves today as a complete “EPC contractor”, able to manage with competence and professionalism the phases of Engineering, Procurement and Construction of each of our projects.



We want to actively contribute to the protection of our planet by promoting the production of clean energy
and reducing the environmental impact of our business choices as much as possible.

We want to become a model of excellence in our sector through the continuous improvement of our processes.

Technical expertise | Professionalism and courtesy | Quality | Customer satisfaction | Environmental sustainability


Our first steps in the electrochemical engineering sector date back to the early 90s. In a short time we have conquered a leading position in the design and molding of industrial components, obtained from thermosetting resins, becoming one of the few exclusive licensees of Telene® technologies. worldwide.

With a view to diversifying our activities, in 2010 we decided to take advantage of the experience gained in the design of industrial plants to enter the emerging sector of renewable energy. Today we deal directly with all the phases of the development of a photovoltaic project: starting from the identification of suitable land and obtaining the necessary authorizations, up to the design, construction, management and maintenance of the plants built.

To date we have already designed and built over 100MW of photovoltaic fields both in Italy and abroad; we currently have new projects under development for an additional 200MW to be completed within the next three years.